The Little Wood Burner

$1,795.00 inc GST

The ideal wood fire for modest spaces!

The Spiroloc little wood burner is much sought after by owners of Tiny homes, baches, caravans, sheds and anywhere that a little bit of fireplace warmth is desired for small to medium spaces.

Product features

  • Double-burning chamber
  • Full Stainless Steel body with Stainless Steel flue and cowling.
  • Rubber dektite flashing.
  • Easy clean and easy lighting feature.
  • Full control over the fire with air intake / shutoff.
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Wow, this thing just goes. Heated my cabin in 20 minutes. What a beaut!
Fired up our little wood burner in the bus and we were so happily warm within minutes
So happy with our little wood burner from Spiroloc. Real flame and a punch of heat faster than we’d expected. Thanks guys!

Firebox Size

From the ground to the top of the barrel of the wood burner is 800mm including the pedestal stand.
The barrel of the fire from the top to the bottom measures 450mm.
The diameter of the burning chamber is 200mm (amazingly tiny but so efficient!)
Standard cook top measures 250mm wide ad 165mm deep to accommodate a standard 150mm diameter pot or kettle. An extended cook top is also available